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Welcome to where our goal is to share our passion for the growing world of organic, biodynamic and natural wines. 


Smashing Wines is an independent wine merchant run by Clement and Rebecca. We sell via our warehouse in Woodbridge, Suffolk, our website and many food and drink events throughout the country. 


We import a wide variety of quality wines, specialising in promoting small producers who respect the environment and their vineyards, concentrating on producing natural, biodynamic and organic wines.  A lot of time, tasting and selecting has gone into creating the wine list we offer today, gaining UK exclusivity with many vineyards.  


With our main focus on quality we only work with exceptional organic, biodynamic and natural wine makers.  We believe that organic, biodynamic, and natural winemaking leads to a naturally superior product. The individual "personality" of each wine can be fully expressed in the glass for us to savour.  


We hope you enjoy browsing the site and more importantly enjoy drinking our wines!


Smashing Wines Team