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Vignerons Ardechois

Les Vignerons Ardéchois stands as a great ambassador for the central western part of the Rhone valley, comprising the beautiful mountainous region of the Cévennes. This is a region where the turmoil of French history and the natural hard tough conditions have combined to inspire courageous wine growers who are as proud of their “terroirs” as we are of this selection. This southwestern natural boundary (Massif Central) of the Ardèche is a land where you can admire not only the numerous vineyards but also extensive olive groves and forests of indigenous chestnut trees.
“Fonvene” is a fusion of two French words “Fontvive”, an emerald water spring and the name of the region south of the Ardèche, the Cévennes.
“Too poor to host cities, too rich to be abandoned, the landscape of Causses and Cévennes are the result of the modification of the natural environment by agro-pastoral systems over a millennium. The Causses and Cévennes demonstrate almost every type of pastoral organisation to be found around the Mediterranean”
— UNESCO World Heritage Committee

Vignerons Ardechois

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Blend of Grenache, Merlot & Syrah

This blend offers a nice ruby red colour, the nose displays expressive aromas of blackcurrant and red fruits. THe wine is smooth and round in mouth with polished tannins and an enjoyable balance.

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